Updating the site!

While the site might be undergoing updated the content is all still here! please be patient and check out our Dota2 stream!

Play with DotaWest.com

Our team plays all day long, most of the time in MMR Captains Mode / All Pick ( US West / East ).

DotaWest Team Stream

We are always looking for more pub players for inhouse! Dont forget to follow us on Twitter for our Dailiy give aways!

Ti4 Stream - Best Casters

Chat with out the spam! We encourage a non spam friendly community for everyone to discuss the game action!
  • KoTLGuy
  • Merlini
  • Sheever
  • Blitz
  • LDdota
  • Wagamama
  • Tobiwandota
  • Ayesee
  • And many more specials guest!

Support the casters!

Valve has released a new set of chests that contain autographed items from the casters! Support your favorite and let them know, this is a way for the casters to get some extra publicity.